Yes the Birds, and some random other things

04 Aug 2008

First of all I’m going to put up a new page dedicated to my favorite species of bird, the Crow.

A little background



I’m not going to go into full detail on them here as they will have a full dedicated page soon, most likely right after this post.

All you need to know is they know how to annoy humans especially me.

Ok onto the other random things

Well the hand is still being “Special.” I have been leaving the splint off lately and taping the finger to another which works for the most part except it still feels like the bone has not completely healed sometimes as it feels like it moves. I really feel like its a joint issue and not the bone moving, but the doctor said it was the break so….

The next thing has to do with the whole busyness of summer. While I have enjoyed every weekend doing the various things that I did, I think I might try and reserve next summer to things that I specifically plan. I’ve pushed off going down to see my Brother two summers now and I’m really not that excited about that. I’m still hoping that I can squeeze it in during early September though.

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