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14 Jun 2010

Well I’m back to Thailand and very jet legged apparently. I keep waking up at like 4am and get super tired around 7. Anyways I thought I would write a little about my month long trip back to America.

My Agenda that I had from my last post

So, onto the agenda for my time back

  1. Bucking Horse Sale
  2. Visit Glendive and eat a bunch
  3. Move stuff out of apartment in Bozeman
  4. Visit Glendive more and eat more
  5. Bozofest
  6. Work week @ MSU
  7. Fly back

So after the BHS I drove back to Glendive on that Sunday and stayed there for the better part of two weeks. I’m sure I gained at least 10 pounds thanks to mom(See picture below of her freezer and you will understand slightly how the feeding process works)


I spent some days working at the kitchen table on my laptop for MSU while being constantly reminded that the treats that were on the table were for Wilbur, aka Grunt. Basically he sat on the floor for hours on end just staring at me and grunting until I gave him food. For the times he wasn’t doing that he was doing this


I’m sure glad I’m not a dog so I wouldn’t have to have such a rough life.

The first weekend after BHS we loaded up the van and drove up to Bozeman where we met my brother Greg and sassy sister Nikki. We spent the next few days moving my stuff out of my apartment and into a trailer to haul back to Glendive. The weekend went by so fast I couldn’t believe it. We also celebrated my Dad’s birthday while everybody was together.



Back to Glendive to eat more or less I’m not sure it was basically a blur of eating constantly. It’s too good not to.

That Wednesday Nate drove down from Miles City and picked me up and we headed back to Bozeman for Bozofest. The weather was suppose to be rainy and cold just like every year. Well it was..sorta. Saturday we woke up to snow. Once we got to the fields it had stopped snowing and was fairly decent. About half way through our first game the sun popped out and it started to get very warm. Then a storm rolled in and rained and the wind kicked up. This repeated all day. We ended up only winning 1 game that day, but still had a blast.

Day 2 was windy but very sunny. It wasn’t very warm so I didn’t realize that it was so sunny until I got home and took a shower. Of course then I realized that it was sunny out as the hot water ran over all of my sunburns.


Tue, Wed, Thur I spent working on Campus just like old times and it was really fun. Jade and I haven’t had the chance to work together in a long time so it was a lot of fun. We didn’t exactly get everything done that we wanted to, but we did get a lot done

On Friday William drove me to the airport. The flights all went really well. I had no layovers at all anywhere which was fun. I got off the plane in SLC and walked almost directly onto the next flight to Tokyo. I got off at Tokyo and was escorted by Delta representative all the way to my JAL flight where I basically walked right on that one too. Somehow they gave me a Business class seat on the JAL flight which was awesome.

Now, I’m back and I’ve been working on straightening away my new teaching position which I will post on soon.

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