Fenom Penha

15 Mar 2012

Just joking about the title of the post. Mel and I headed to Phenom Penh, Cambodia this past weekend for the Big Phat Phnom Penh Hat tournament(Ultimate Frisbee). We decided to stay a few extra days as well after the tournament so were set to fly back on Wednesday. This turned out to be super nice since Monday was a rest day for sure after the tournament.

We embarked on tournament day 1 with about a 30 minute bus ride to the fields. I forgot to take pictures with my camera. I did get a video on my phone though of Mel and our friend Kristie in the Women huck contest.

In order to win you need to throw it the furthest and have somebody catch the disc.

Really fun tournament. Our team was really fun to play on and we had a solid set of players which worked out great in the end as we went undefeated the whole tournament. 7-0. YAY!! My first Frisbee championship win! Yay for me!

The next two days we spent touring around. Because of the way the Picasa plugin works for this site and I’m too lazy to move the pictures I’ll show you our tuk tuk driver for our trip to the airport on our last day first :)


Haha, this guy was pretty cool. Very nice and not pushy. Even charged us a good price to go to the airport. We found him in the morning and had him drop us off at a side street and told him to come back at 2:15pm to take us to the airport. He showed up even early.


Here are one of the advertisements in his tuk tuk. Haha.

Now for the pictures starting in order. This weekend I basically just took pictures of random things trying to fill up the memory card which still didn’t happen.

Day 1 Pictures

I don’t know what most of this stuff is. Just took pictures or Mel did on her walk while I took a nap.






This was a very interesting place. Mexican bar/restaurant where we met the owner a bit. He was a very strange fella. We talked to him for a bit after dinner(Pretty good food) and he told us about his life as a journalist around the SE Asia before opening the Cantina.


Battle scars from the tournament. Twisted ankle from Semi-finals game. Cleat mark from Finals game and a tooth mark from finals game. Woohoo!


Mel and I dinking off in the motel room. You can see in the right picture they didn’t expect anybody that tall when they put that door in.

Day 2 Pictures

Making our way to the killing fields


The killing fields

If you are unsure what this is all about check this out. Humans do some terrible stuff.



S-21 Museum



Day 3 Pictures


Found this little gem of a place on the morning of the day we were leaving. Get the pun? Haha…ok

Just bring in a thumbdrive, ipod, kindle…whatever and pay very little for movies, ebooks or music. They will put it right on your device.



Local bus system


Large blizzard in Cambodia(Thailand is the same). Same size as a small in the U.S.

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