The Move

18 Mar 2012

So far Mel and I have only told some people about our move for fear of changed plans and having to un-tell people. Things are pretty much solidified now so I’ll just blast it out there on the internet for everybody.

Mel and I are moving to Washington, D.C. at the end of April.

Mel was offered a great position at WRAIR. As this is a great opportunity for Mel she decided to take it although it will cut our time in Thailand about a year shorter than we had expected. Soon after I was also offered a position at the same place as they need a computer programmer to help do different things in the Bioinformatics and other computer related things. Since I already assist Mel here and there with these things it should be an easy transition into assisting a bunch of people. This stuff is very interesting for me as it involves writing scripts and figuring out new things and ways to help other people do what they need to do easier.

Anyways, here are the rough details of the move for the interested few out there:

  • Where will we live?
  • Most likely the Bethesda, MD area

  • When will we leave Bangkok?
  • I fly out the 26th of April in the early morning
  • Mel has not booked her flight yet, but most likely the 28th

  • Why are we flying 2 days apart?
  • We have to buy my ticket and it was cheapest on Thursday. Mel has to be at work Thursday and Friday so cannot fly until Saturday.

  • Does this change the Wedding plans?
  • No.

  • Is planning the Wedding and the move and other things super stressful at times?
  • Yes.

  • Have we made a lot of awesome friends in Thailand and it is super hard to leave?
  • Most certainly
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