Luang Prabang

29 Apr 2012

With our final days in South East Asia ahead, Mel and I decided to go on a final trip to see some places we had been meaning to see. Luang Prabang was our first stop.

So many people had told us that this was a great place to go if you were headed to Laos. The experience we had was a bit so so because of the intense heat.

We still had some work to do so what we were looking for a was a relaxed air conditioned cafe to sit at and do some things for our work. Turns out, there was only one A/C cafe place that we could find and it really wasn’t the type of place you sit down and occupy a table for hours. Maybe there was a place somewhere else that we didn’t look, so we settled on our room back at the hostel.

We had about 3.5 days in Luang Prabang to do things. Most people go out and visit the water fall or maybe an elephant trek. Neither of those really interested us so we spent most of the time as I said in our motel room given the heat.

We did manage to wake up a bit early on one morning and trek up the hill in the middle of the town and take some pictures.

IMGP7606.jpg IMGP7607.jpg IMGP7608.jpg

IMGP7609.jpg IMGP7612.jpg IMGP7613.jpg

IMGP7615.jpg IMGP7616.jpg

Panoramic!!!!! Click me for larger size :)


The day that we were flying out we went out to the Living Land Experience.

There we learned all the steps from plowing a rice patty all the way to cooking steamed sticky rice.

There were 14 steps. Let’s see if I can remember them

1. Plowing the Patty


2. Planting


  1. Harvesting


4. Drying


5. Smashing on the ground to get the rice off the stalk


6. Separating the kernel from the bad kernel


7. Milling


8. Separating the husk from the kernel


9. Soaking

Just soak the rice kernels in water overnight

10. Steaming

Yep, you steam the soaked rice

11. Rolling

Just need to roll the rice while it is steaming

12. Eating

Nope, I failed the test. Not sure which steps I missed.


Our next stop was a Sapa, Vietnam(via Hanoi airport + train station)

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